Happy Oldness Foundation

The activity of the Foundation is to provide accommodation services for the elderly, the disabled, people with mental disabilities, and to care for the sick with accommodation.

Care and nursing

Care and nursing with the provision of housing for the elderly and disabled people, people with mental disabilities, care for the sick. Providing palliative care.


Protection in peacetime and martial law emergencies. Help build as a result of armed conflicts and accidents. As well as refugees and people in difficult life circumstances.

Social assistance

Providing social assistance without providing accommodation for the elderly and disabled. Social services and poverty reduction.

Psychological assistance

Psychological and psychiatric assistance to beneficiaries. Especially in connection with the extremely traumatic events that have been experienced in today’s war.


Promoting the legitimate interests of the Fund’s beneficiaries. Guardianship and care. Legal representation and legal aid.

Educational activities

Providing educational activities for volunteers and those interested in caring for the disabled, providing geriatric and palliative care.


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There is a war in Ukraine. Millions of people have been forced to flee their
homes. Most of them are elderly. Grandparents who escaped bombings and
shelling, starvation and torture now remain in quieter areas in temporary shelters. Many have health problems, most are unable to fully care for themselves, and have lost their homes and caregivers. Older people are severely limited in their self-sufficiency and need outside help.

Our charity has a responsibility to help them.

Due to the difficult humanitarian situation, the main goal of the Foundation is to help victims of armed conflict, refugees and people in difficult life circumstances. According to the specifics of the Fund’s beneficiaries (as specified in paragraph 2.2 of the Charter). The foundation provides assistance to seriously ill refugees who have suffered more than anyone else and need immediate support.

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My mother suffered a stroke. I couldn’t be around and was looking for help, the volunteers of the Happy Oldness Charitable Foundation responded to my search. I am sincerely grateful to everyone who helped me and my mother in this difficult time for us. Now the mother can take care of herself and wants to help others as much as possible.


My grandmother has a progressive Alzheimer’s disease. My mother had to quit her job to take care of her. Acquaintances said that the Happy Oldness Charitable Foundation conducts training in caring for people with this disease. The psychiatrist also consulted her grandmother free of charge.

Treatment helps, the disease “calmed down”, the grandmother became non-aggressive, began to sleep at night. A big bow to you from our family. Now we know what to do and how to live with this disease.


My father is a veteran of labor. He lost both legs due to illness, but did not lose his strength of spirit. I am a soldier and I can’t be with my father all the time. The Foundation’s volunteers took care of him when I was away. I am grateful to them that I can be calm. I know that my father will not be left alone.




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